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D6 Communicator Support.

Quick fixes.
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Quick fixes not working?

Click here to contact the Support Desk directly.

Note: Support Desk operates Monday to Friday.

Desktop Communicator not updating.

  • Open the Communicator,

  • Right click near to school logo.

  • Complete necessary fields.

  • Select Report an Error. (This will send a Log file to our support team),

  • A support ticket number will be sent to you. Please check your Spam folder if not received.

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Windows - Standard Un-install.



  • Click on the Start/ Windows Button.

  • Find the Program named after your School/Club.

  • Right Click on the icon.

  • Select "Uninstall .... School"

  • Follow the prompts.



  • It is recommended that you do a system reboot after the un-installation procedure has completed.

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Windows - Total File Removal.


  1. Click  Start, then Control Panel.

  2. Now click on "Add or Remove Programs". It  might take a while for the list to populate.

  3. Scroll down the list until  you see the Communicator, click to select it and then click "Change/Remove" to remove from your computer.


Then please follow the more detailed steps:

  1. Click on the Start Menu and go to Computer (File Explorer)

  2. Go to Local Disk (C:)

  3. Doubleclick on "Users" then doubleclick on your User Name.

  4. Doubleclick on "AppData"  (if hidden then click Organize on top left hand corner of the window,  click "Folder and search options", click the View tab and click "Show  hidden files, folders and drives").

  5. Doubleclick on "Roaming".

  6. Delete any folder named d6_****.skin or any other d6 folder.

  7. Delete the "com.d6technology" folder.



  1. Click on the Start Menu and go to Computer (File Explorer)

  2. Go to Local Disk (C:)

  3. Doubleclick on Program Files (x86) then doubleclick on D6 Technology

  4. Delete any folder named d6_****

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 as above checking in Program Files for a D6 Technology directory or folder. Delete this as well.


Perform a system reboot.


If required you may now do a re-installation, if required, by clicking here.

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MAC Un-install.


You will first need to stop the application.
You can do this using the Activity Monitor.

  • Open a new Finder window by clicking on the Finder icon in the Dock.

  • Click "Applications" in the Finder window to view the contents of the Applications folder.

  • Double-click the "Utilities" folder in the Applications window.

  • Double-click on the "Activity Monitor" icon to launch the utility program.

  • Click on the tabs at the top of the Activity Monitor window to view different information and statistics concerning your computer's performance.

  • Find the process with the right name (it will normally start with "d6", and then click on the "Stop" button to stop the application from running).


  • Now remove the application by simply dragging the appropriate       folder from your "Applications" folder into the trash.


  • Open the Go Tab and then hold down the Alt tab on your keyboard.

  • Click on the Library Link.

  • In Application Support you will find the com.d6technology folder, trash this folder.

You will also need to remove it from the automatic start-up.

  • Open system preferences

  • Click on System -> Accounts

  • Select on your account name

  • Click "Login Items"

  • Select the programme you wish to disable & click the "minus" button to remove.


If required you may now do a re-installation, if required, by clicking here.

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