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Marketing on the D6 School Communicator.

We connect with thousands of parents of school aged children every day through our unique applications.

We offer a unique platform that provides high impact and visibility banner advertising opportunities for clients on the d6 School Communicator and the D6 Connect.


Through the D6 applications you can showcase your brand and products without resorting to hit and miss programmatic banner delivery.

We know our audience and think you would like to as well.

We offer the following opportunities on the School Communicator.

Contact us today to see how we can get your brand, product,  service or event in front of parents across the UAE.



•Banners appear in random order.

•Clickable to custom URL.

•JPG, PNG or animated GIF format.

•Max 10 banners at any one time.

•Minimum 10% Share of Voice.

Desktop Banner changes as user interacts with the Communicator.

Mobile Banners appear in News and the Noticeboard feed as well as in the posted items themselves.


Splash Screen

  • At app startup.

  • Clickable to URL.

  • 1 slot available – 100% SOV.

  • 500 x 500 pixel dimensions.

  • Sold in monthly blocks.

  • Branded across all local schools.

  • New school sign ups added free of charge.


Branding Block

  • Purchased monthly.

  • Desktop and Mobile App.

  • Always visible.

  • Link to any URL.

  • Change as needed – icon or URL.

  • 110x50 pixels.

  • 1 Slot available - 100% SOV.

  • New school sign ups added free of charge.

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