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DX3 Group LLC is the authorised partner for d6 education in the Middle East. 

We are here to assist Schools in streamlining their communication channels with parents.

We are proud to offer:

  • D6 Communicator App for schools.

  • D6 Connect App for Schools, Businesses, Clubs and Communities.

  • D6+ Management System for schools (Communicator, Administration, Finance & Curriculum) 

We work with schools across the region to ensure that the important News and information gets out to parents in the easiest and most accessible manner.

Whether you are a pre-school, primary, secondary or a combined school, irrespective of size, we can help you solve one of the greatest pain points that all schools experience - communication with parents.

d6 education is a division of the d6 group which was established after the successful merger of d6 Technology and Principal Software.


d6 education, serving more than 2500 schools in South Africa and abroad is setting the standard for innovation in school management. d6 education is all about assisting schools in being more effective and providing schools with comprehensive consultation through various training initiatives, innovative solutions through the use of technology and most importantly, quality support and guidance.


D6 Group Applications

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