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Marketing & Media on the
D6 School Communicator.

The D6 School Communicator is uniquely positioned to connect your brand with thousands of parents of school going aged children every day through our unique applications.

We offer a unique platform that provides high impact and visibility banner advertising opportunities for clients on the d6 School Communicator and the D6 Connect.


Through the D6 applications you can showcase your brand and products without resorting to hit and miss programmatic banner delivery.

We know our audience and think you would like to as well.

Each media campaign is curated to your requirements and your budget.

We offer the following opportunities on the desktop and mobile application of the School Communicator.

With a minimum Share of Voice your brand will never experience high dilution rates.

For more information and to contact us today today to see how we can get your brand, product,  service or event in front of parents across the UAE click here.

Want to know more? Contact us today or visit for more information.
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