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Please complete the form to access the CitiStub Pitch Video

After submitting your information you will be redirected to a page to enter the password provided to you.

By proceeding you acknowledge that the CitiStub concept, the pitch video as well as any information related to the concept not expressly presented, is propriety and remains under the ownership of the author.

This presentation is confidential and not for viewing by 3rd parties at any time unless with written consent from the author.

All rights are reserved, and the viewing of this pitch video does not impart any transfer of the concept in part or whole to the viewer.

By submitting your information you acknowledge that the Intellectual Property relating to the concept contained in the pitch video belongs solely to the author and the DX3 Group FZCO.

If you were not provided with a password to view the Pitch Video, or it has changed, please contact us through the Let's Chat page.

Access CitiStub Pitch Video

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