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Citistub is an exciting new marketing and rewards program that we are looking to take to market as soon as possible.

Nothing like CitiStub exists and we firmly believe that the concept will not only provide a massive cost effective marketing channel for both SME and corporate advertisers with exceptional ROI but also genuine cost saving lifestyle benefits for the app end users.


CitiStub aims to be a game changer for digital marketing and advertising at a time when governments are cracking down on tracker cookies due to privacy concerns.

The CitiStub concept has the potential to change the way advertisers reach and interact with their target demographics.

There are no direct  competitors to the CitiStub concept and first to market will corner a large section of a global market.

The is a very real possibility that the CitiStub concept will be able to lay claim to a substantial portion of online ad-spend that is currently being spent with the established social media and search companies. (Yes, those ones!)

The CitiStub concept intends to be an international concept from day one by making global local.

CitiStub users will seamlessly benefit whether in their own local neighbourhood or while travelling internationally.


CitiStub also stands to create an entirely new niche for the 'gig-worker' space in all cities where CitiStub operates.

We are looking for tech partners and investor(s) get Citistub off the ground and into the real world.


The basic CitiStub concept can be live within 4-9 months and, we believe, profitable, within 12-18 months - if not sooner.


All the building blocks for the concept exist. The premise has been tested (with an API)  and does work.


Can CitiStub be the next unicorn? Possibly. Very possibly.

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